Residential Programs

Transitional Housing Programs

Our Hope for Veterans' Program, located on the Lyons VA campus and operated by our private charity, is among one of the largest and most comprehensive transitional housing programs for veterans struggling with homelessness. At our 95-bed facility, we help male and female veterans address the issues of mental illness, addiction and poverty that have left so many homeless and destitute, Veterans can reside here for up to two years as we help them rebuild their lives. We also operate the Alfred J.Thomas Home, an 8-bed residential program in Bergen County.

Valley Brook Village Permanent Housing

With on-site employment and support services, the newly-constructed Valley Brook Village offers 62 subsidized rental apartments to ensure affordable housing and services to low-income veterans. The new development is permanent housing and is intended as "a place to call home" for veterans who have struggled with homelessness. The Village is located on the Lyons VA campus convenient to healthcare services.

Overcoming Homelessness

Within our residential programs, veterans receive the following intensive services:

  • Safe shelter in a supportive environment
  • Recovery services for substance abuse, depression, post traumatic stress and other forms of mental illness
  • Case management of health and rehabilitation services
  • Access to job programs and computer training
  • Legal aid
  • Peer support from their fellow veterans
  • Access to benefits and counseling in budgeting skills to enhance financial self-sufficiency
  • Specialized discharge planning services and linkage to affordable housing upon graduation

Residential Programs: To make a referral, visit or call 908-647-5717, EXT. 325

Supportive Services for Veteran Families

The Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) Program is a homelessness prevention program designed to assist low-income veteran families in maintaining their housing and/or rapidly re-housing homeless veterans and their families.


Low-income veteran families will receive case management to assist them in developing a housing stability plan which may include locating affordable housing, support services, financial assistance and linkage to financial benefits and entitlements.

Communities Served:

  • Northern and Central New Jersey
  • Eastern Pennsylvania


Veteran families who meet any of the following categories:

  • Facing eviction or imminent risk of becoming homeless
  • Currently homeless

 For more information on the SSVF program, call the 24-hour referral hotline: 1-855-483-8466.